The Higgs & Cooper Educational Charity was launched in 1974 from the Higgs  Educational Foundation and the Charlton Kings Educational Foundation. It was named after its two original benefactors and aims to support the education of youngsters through financial grants to support activities, courses and equipment which will further their educational development.

Mr Higgs

Charles Cooke Higgs at the age of 13, in 1810 inherited many local properties from Glenfall through to Old Bath Road. By 1873 he had c160 acres in Charlton Kings. He build Holy Apostles Church in 1863-66 costing him £7000. He established a Night School in 1855, the building of which is now Charlton Kings Scouts HQ. He Established a trust in 1880 deriving income from 9 acres of land now occupied by the Junior School and Glynrosa Road.

Mr Cooper

Samuel Cooper (of Coopers Court) in his will of 1729 provided for teaching of 6 poor children, the surplus money to provide 40 shillings fuel for the aged and disabled of Charlton Kings who were not receiving parochial collection or pension, plus 10 shillings for their clothing. The subsequent charity owned land on which the nursery school stands.